30 Days of Plumping with PMD Kiss Lip Plumping System

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30 days have passed — and the journey to achieve the perfect pout now have reached a conclusion! A lot of you have expressed a desire to have healthier, fuller-looking lips without having to go under the knife or injectables. As I have shared, I was in the same boat. I wasn’t ready for any major procedure.

Lucky for us, lip plumping treatments have become popular nowadays. Yes, I have tried lots of them but to no avail. Some of them brought a stinging sensation to my lips while others produced no results. I was about to give up when I came across the PMD Kiss Lip Plumper.


PMD KISS lip plumping devicePIN IT!

PMD Kiss Lip Plumping System is a lip plumping treatment which creates a fuller lip appearance within just minutes, and its effects can last for hours. The kit consists of a lip plumper device (which utilizes pulsating vacuum technology) and a smart lip plumping serum (which can safely boost collagen levels). There are 2 changeable Kissers as well to help fit lip sizes and certain angles or curves. Reading up on their claims, daily use of this kit was supposed to help diminish the appearance of lip wrinkles and lines. Did it work? The verdict is an obvious YES! Let’s break down the information …

Before, my lips have these noticeable lines, and it has lost its plumpness and fullness.

Before PMD Kiss Lip Plumping System

before PMD Kiss Lip Plumping SystemPIN IT!

Here’s a Closer Look!

before PMD Kiss Lip Plumping SystemPIN IT!

After using the PMD Kiss Lip Plumper, the fullness and plumpness of my lips were restored. It also brought back the natural color of my lips which I so love! I have even started to notice that my lip lines and wrinkles are beginning to fade. In the long run, I hope to get rid of these lines altogether.

After PMD Kiss Lip Plumping System

after PMD Kiss Lip Plumping SystemPIN IT!

The best thing about this kit is that it is effortless to use and it does not take much of my time. You merely swipe the serum on your lips then directly place the tip of the plumping device on the six sections of your lips for about 15 to 20 times and … VOILA! You’ll almost instantly notice the plumping. Within 30 days your lips look fuller and entirely plumped. It au naturel, no boo-boo’s, no scarring, no injections … and yet, you get to achieve a gorgeous looking pout you have always dreamt of!


PMD Kiss Lip Plumping SystemPIN IT!

Indeed, PMD Kiss Lip Plumping System has brought life back to my lips. Now, I can enjoy putting on my lipsticks again and showing off my beautiful puckers — without having to fake my way through it. Less tedious task and process to apply my favorite lippies and less fine stubborn lines too. That’s all thanks to this lip plumping treatment!


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