Top 10 Must Have Skin Care Devices for 2016

2016, another new year – a fresh start for most of us. I know not many believes in jumpstarting their lives every new year that comes. Personally however, I do … especially when it comes to my old habits and skin care routine. I have a lot of things I want to do, but tend to hold off and procrastinate with – this year I am starting once again and hopefully be able to keep up. For those who keeps falling off the wagon (like me) don’t fret, hang in there and start all over again. Remember, it’s not over until you completely give up! 😉 I am sure some of you can relate and if you are one of them, I have rounded up my Top 10 Must-Have Skincare Devices that will speed-up your routine and help achieve professional results at the comforts of your own home.

Top 10 Beauty Devices for 2016PIN IT!

1. CLARISONIC – unlike spinning devices, Clarisonic’s patented sonic cleansing technology works thoroughly with skin’s natural elasticity and oscillates at a sonic frequency that produces over 300 movements per second. Results have shown increased product absorption and gentle enough to be used twice a day but works twice as hard to loosen dirt and oil, removing deep-seated impurities than using hands alone.

    What the experts say » You can buy the Clarisonic brush at your dermatologist office for $195. The one sold at your dermatologist office is the MD, Plus or Clarisonic Pro version. The one sold at retail stores like Sephora is a smaller version and normally retails for $149. In conclusion, if you can afford it the Clarisonic is worth it! – Dr. Irwin
    My personal perspective » The Clarisonic Mia 2 is everything I could expect it to be and more. By far, the best cleansing brush I have ever had and hands down for it’s accurate results. I tend to break out on my chin and have very oily T-zone but remain dry on my cheeks. Since using this device, my skin issues have slowly improved and noticed less up to no breakouts on my usual spots. Totally love that it can take all the gunk out even hard to remove makeup products such as waterproof / water-resistant ones.
    ➜ read my full review here

2. FOREO – the LUNA is an award-winning flagship product with silicone bristles that channels pulsations in various intensity levels for facial cleansing and anti-aging. Its T-Sonic™ (transdermal sonic) pulsations delivers up to 8,000 pulses per minute that helps drive out dirt, oil and makeup residue which improves the absorption of skincare products.

    What the experts say » This really does work. IN ALL REGARDS! LOL For the skin, its really does clean your skin really really well, without the harshness of a brush. It will give men a MUCH closer save and for women, the same applies or it can be used as a tool for greater cleansing (which is how i use it). And yes, it works on other areas of the body too. Just saying! – Wayne Goss makeup artist
    My personal perspective » One of the most significant difference between the Foreo Luna and the Clarisonic Mia 2 is that the former works on low frequencies that may prove to be very useful for stimulating dry skin and help people who suffers from rosacea or very inflamed acne who are not good candidates to use oscillating brushes to exfoliate. In general, these skin issues or conditions already have impaired skin function which may be made worse by any form of exfoliation. With Foreo you can guarantee a gentle cleanse without irritating the skin further.

3. PMD PERSONAL MICRODERM – the Personal Microderm is a revolutionary at-home skincare device/tool that combines the power of a perfectly calibrated vacuum suction and patented spinning disc technology to brighten, smooth, and remove the dead, dull skin cell barrier. It also reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, blemishes, as well as enlarged pores. After a treatment, makeup goes on smoother and skin care penetrates significantly deeper – 20X deeper.

    What the experts say » PMD an Alternative to Botox – Dr Oz
    My personal perspective » This at home machine truly delivers salon quality microdermabrasion which exfoliates and polishes the surface of the skin removing dead skin cells for a fraction of the professional treatment that averages around $100-$200 per treatment. I have broken out one too many times around my chin and left me with dark spots and rough patches that literally left me feeling embarrassed like a dalmatian … using this device help me clear out those patches and smooth out the rest of my skin.
    ➜ read my full review here

4. TRIA HAIR REMOVAL LASER 4X – the Tria Laser 4X is the first and only FDA-cleared laser hair removal available for home use that uses the same diode laser technology used by dermatologists. The Tria Laser 4X device targets and permanently disables hair follicles to stop hair growth on the face and body for permanent results.

    What the experts say » Individuals who would love to get the benefits of laser hair removal with the convenience, privacy and affordability of home use should purchase a Tria Laser. The other home devices offered for hair removal utilize a flash lamp rather than a laser, and only Tria is cleared by the FDA for permanent results. – Roy Geronemus, M.D.
    My personal perspective » Hair-free? That would be awesome. Pain-free, even better! I have had issues with having ingrown hair and even growing two in one pore … yikes! I know, I know TMI but it really does happen. Thankfully with the Tria laser hair removal I can finally say goodbye to those unwanted underarm hair. My treatments lasted way longer for me as I don’t use it as “often” as it is recommended given that I have a very low tolerance for pain. I am still in the market for a good topical numbing cream to take care of the rest of my hair, other than that this device is the best compare to spending around $250 to $500 per treatment in the bikini line or underarms.
    ➜ read my full review here

5. NUFACE mini – the NuFACE Trinity is the first and only FDA-cleared, multi solution award-winning handheld device. It is designed with interchangeable treatment attachments, including the NuFACE Trinity Wrinkle Reducer and NuFACE Trinity ELE, allowing multiple skin therapies with one device. Their latest FDA-cleared innovation, the NuFACE mini features the same great microcurrent technology in a petite, portable travel-friendly size, perfect for on-the-go or beginners.

    What the experts say »Want an instant brow lift? Learn how to re-create the Billion Dollar Brow Lift at home. Instantly makes you look younger, refreshed and more vibrant. – The Doctors
    My personal perspective » I always believe that prevention is better than cure. I am not getting any younger and I am starting to see the fine lines in my forehead as well as deep smile lines. Ever since using the NuFace mini these marks started toning down and with continued use I am sure it will diminish in due time. When it comes to the microcurrent it is very gentle that it doesn’t bother me in any way and in some ways, it actually feels rejuvenating.
    ➜ read my full review here

6. DERMAFLASH – while men shave, women DERMAFLASH. As men grow terminal hair on their faces, which is coarse and thick women on the other hand grow vellus hair, which is baby fine. DERMAFLASH is designed exclusively for the sensitive skin on a woman’s face. Inspired by the popular medspa procedure called Dermaplaning, the DERMAFLASH Edge is a proprietary element exclusive to the DERMAFLASH system. It is safe and gentle on all skin types, and effectively improves skin tone and texture without causing irritation.

    My personal perspective » I never really thought that removing vellus hair could make so much of a difference most especially when it comes makeup application. I have very thin hair all over and never really considered dermaplaning. Once I did, it truly changed my perspective of things and my makeup literally look much more flawless and definitely less cakey.

7. JENU – typically only between 1% – 10% of skin care topicals (such as serums, ointments and moisturizers) are absorbed into the skin while the remaining product is wasted. The skin acts as an effective barrier leaving skin care formulas to simply sit on top of the skin’s surface where it’s most likely to wash off or evaporate. The JeNu PLUS Ultrasonic Infuser emits 365,000 pulses of ultrasonic energy per second to push more skin care product into skin for maximum absorption; increasing absorption by up to 75x.

    What the experts say »JeNu utilizes painless ultrasound technology—something that’s been used in a medical setting for decades—to increase the skin’s ability to absorb treatment products. And it’s been clinically proven to do so by six times. Because it’s so easy to incorporate into a daily beauty regimen I am still using my JeNu every day. I’ve noticed a much greater return on the skincare I’m using. – Dr. Sonia Batra
    My personal perspective » I am madly in love with the fact that my skincare products, expensive serums and moisturizers are no longer going to waste. I’ve had thick creams that I applied during my night time routine that feels like it only stayed on top of my skin and washed right off without being absorbed or making a difference. With the help of Jenu’s ultrasound technology, every product is used to its maximum potential.
    ➜ read my full review here

8. TRIA ACNE CLEARING BLUE LIGHT – achieve consistently clear, naturally radiant skin with Tria Blue Light. Get dermatologist results by quickly and effectively eliminating acne-causing bacteria deep beneath the skin’s surface to clear skin and help prevent future breakouts. Unlike traditional acne treatment with harsh ingredients that sit on the surface and irritate skin, Tria Blue Light is gentle, even for sensitive skin. It’s time to finally break the breakout cycle.

    What the experts say » Since multiple treatments are typically required to obtain [clear] skin… having the ability to effectively and safely use the blue light device from Tria Beauty in the privacy of your own home avoids the expense and inconvenience of having to make frequent visits to the dermatologist’s office for treatment. This product is easy to use and gets terrific results. – Ronald G. Wheeland, M.D., F.A.C.P.
    My personal perspective » I have yet to personally try this device so I don’t have enough information to share for a thorough review. I know for a fact that the Tria Acne Clearing Blue Light is one of most sought after brand / device when it comes to clearing acne at home. Will update this post when I finally get the chance to review this device.

9. LIGHTSTIM for wrinkles – LightStim’s patented LED Light Therapy is the most effective and affordable device to restore skin’s youthful appearance as it stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. It is soothing, painless, and can be used on all skin types to reduce and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, enhance collagen production, and restore your skin’s youthful appearance.

    My personal perspective » I have yet to personally try this device so I don’t have enough information to share for a thorough review. The Light Stim is highly sought out by everyone and recommended by professionals to diminish fine lines and wrinkles. Will update this post when I finally get the chance to review this device.

10. BLISS FAT GIRL SLIM LEAN MACHINE – the lean machine body contouring system is the first power tool in the Bliss fatgirlslim family that delivers a spa-it-yourself vacuum massager which uses a powerful combination of lifting, suction, rolling as well as pulsing motions to smooth and tone the skin, giving the legs, buttocks, and abs a more contoured look.

    What the experts say » After a week and a half my skin looks firmer, its more toned and it’s not as ripply. But, here’s the thing … nothing’s ever going to get rid of all your cellulite (I know it’s a bummer, it’s just the way it is) so this is very good if you want some improvement, if you just want smoother skin. It might be good if you’re willing to put time into it. – Annie Tomlin, beauty director
    My personal perspective » I have yet to personally try this device so I don’t have enough information to share for a thorough review. The Bliss Fatgirlslim is highly recommended to reduce the appearance of cellulite and tone as well firm areas of the skin. Will update this post when I finally get the chance to review this device.

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  • William Sweeney

    I had not heard of some of these devices before! I know my wife would love to have laser hair removal done instead of having to shave all the time.

  • Tammilee Tips

    These all sound like great products!! I would love to be able to have laser hair removal what a time saver that would be.

  • Nancy @ whispered inspirations

    Great products! I have a couple of them I use every week! Love them!

  • Jenna Wood

    Wow, some of these look quite futuristic! I invested in a PMD a few years back and they have actually improved upon the system since. I just might upgrade mine this year.

  • Ann Bacciaglia

    These are great products. My Daughter just started using a Clarisonic and her skin is loving it.

  • Elizabeth Lampman

    I have never heard of LightStim before. I would love to try it. I am always looking for new products to try.

  • Adelina Priddis

    I haven’t heard of any of these, but I sure could use the Clairisonic in my life.

  • Kathy

    These devices look great. The hair removal laser would be really nice to have. I’d love to be able to try that out.

  • Shauna

    Wow, now these all sound super-perfect to me. That Jenu is really catching my eye though. Thanks for putting this list together

  • dawn

    these brushes totally work. since i have been using them my face has completely changed. a lot clearing with less blemishes.

  • Jeanette

    I need something like this! I am breaking out worse than I did when I was a teenager. I am going to check all these out!

  • Cathi Crismon

    Great tips!! Thanks so much!! I have a Clarisonic that I love so much we bought our daughter-in-law one for Mother’s Day.

  • Cyndi Wright

    I want all oh this! Lol! Particularly the Clarisonic. I’d love to have that fresh facial feel right at home.

  • Crystal

    It’s time to focus a little more on my skincare. My routine hasn’t changed much since my teenaged years, but my skin certainly has!

  • Amy Desrosiers

    Love these beauty must-haves! I need to try the Flash device myself to see if I can stop waxing!

  • Autumn

    I agree. I love my Clairsonic. I use mine everyday. I’ve seen the blue light but didn’t know if it really worked.

  • Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    I have heard a lot of great things about many of these! I want to check a few out!

  • Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    I have a Clarisonic, and I love it. It does wonders for my pores, and my skin is so much better looking. Great picks!

  • Bonnie @wemake7

    What a great list of skin care devices. Some of these are calling my name and I will have to buy them now.

  • Maggie Branch

    These all sound like wonderful products! It looks like there is something for everyone in this list. This is a well researched and interesting read!

  • victoria

    I never knew the other device but It sounds really good for the skin, Looks like I want to try those

  • Sabrina

    It’s amazing the technological advances they’ve made in beauty equipment!

  • Chubskulit Rose

    I don’t have any of these hahaha. Great to know though. This is useful for those beauty conscious women.

  • Tatanisha Pitts-Worthey

    Each one sounds like a great product for the skin. I’ve been wanting to get a Clarisonic I’ve heard so many great reviews about it.

  • Christa

    I have heard great things about many of these devices. I have been thinking about making the investment into the FOREO LUNA.

  • Kelli @ 3 Boys and a Dog

    Some of these products are awesome! There are only a few i have heard of and am looking forward to looking into these! Thanks for sharing!

  • Gwendolyn Mulholland

    This is a great list of skin care devices. I have always wondered about the TRIA laser hair remover and I am really considering it even more after reading your list.

  • john lopez

    There are so many options regarding skin care devices, you did a great job explaining each one. Since I’m a guy, I really don’t use these products, but my spouse definitely needs to pay attention here. Great post!

  • Lynndee

    Thank you for the list. I was just looking at a cleansing brush and it is definitely something that I need.

  • Liz Mays

    I’ve definitely got to get a Clarisonic at some point. My facial skin needs exfoliation regularly as it’s dry and flaky if I don’t.

  • Ryan Escat

    I’m sure my wife would love all of these beauty devices.

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  • Sage

    I had the LightStim for wrinkles and upgraded to the Quasar MD, which is stronger, and in my experience, much more effective than the LightStim. But it’s also much more expensive 🙁

  • Anisha

    thank you! I’ve bought jenu at amazon and you’re right, it’s amazing!

  • Nicki


    I’d like your opinion please, regarding two of the products you reviewed.

    Did you find that the PMD and Dermaflash provided the same type of treatment/results? I just purchased a dermaflash luxe (have not received it yet), and I’m trying to determine if I should also purchase a PMD..