Blogger Meetup in Metro Manila

Shortly after my arrival in Manila, Philippines Melle Lee arranged a blogger meetup of our friends in SM North Edsa – Trinoma. It was a very sweet gesture and totally appreciate it with all my heart. Melle and I have been blogging for quite a while now … among our circle of bloggers we consider ourselves as the first generation. There’s so much to tell if we start digging up our history. To cut the long story short, Melle and I met with each other first from SM City San Lazaro then headed out to Trinoma to meet the other bloggers.

We hanged out for a bit in Tokyo Bubble Tea to wait for the other bloggers to show up. First it was just Me, Melle of and Kenny of … then Sandra of came with goodies from Cello’s Doughnuts. Eventually, Donna of followed along with her boyfriend <3 donuts sweets cello's doughnutsPIN IT!

bloggers angela ricardo melle lee sandra ganzo kenneth manalad donna palmaPIN IT!

… and of course we had to seize the moment and take a bunch of snaps. That’s what happens when bloggers get together … cam-whoring is inevitable. Then Emil of finally showed up and we all decided to proceed to our meet-up spot at Padi’s. Katleya of stopped by along with her boyfriend for a quick hello but didn’t get a chance to take a snap with us. Last but not the least, Rhea of made a quick stop as well along with her fabulous mom.

Blogger Meetup in Trinoma

bloggers angela ricardo melle lee sandra ganzo kenneth manalad donna palma rhea bue emil jaranillaPIN IT!

As per Melle’s so-called insight, the photo looks like a contract signing ish. LOL. Mind you, I didn’t even notice I ended up in the center. After Rhea left, we all continued hanging for a bit over some food and drinks. We also ended up getting Donna to sing and perform “Super Bass” as per Emil’s request. It was indeed a fun and joyful night. Can’t wait for a part 2 of our Blogger meetup! :hits:


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