OOTD Saved with Dove Invisible Dry Spray Antiperspirant

Thank you Dove for sponsoring this post. Dove Invisible Dry Spray Antiperspirant goes on invisible, leaving no white marks on 100 colors of clothing.

OOTD stands for Outfit Of The Day. It’s a common hashtag in social media, especially Instagram. As a fashion and beauty blogger, I use this hashtag quite a bit. It’s an important part of my online presence. When you post with the OOTD hashtag, you have to have your look on point, and one thing that can absolutely destroy your look is white marks. And honestly, whether you’re posting to Instagram, heading out on the town, or just going to the grocery store, you don’t want the underarm area of your clothing to be all white and streaky. Yuck.

OOTD Ready with Dove

My biggest tip to avoid white marks is to prevent them altogether, and I do that with Dove Invisible Dry Spray Antiperspirant. It goes on invisible and leaves no white marks on 100 colors. On top of that, it still works great. That’s important to me because I’m not about to walk around smelling like stinky armpit all day just to avoid white marks. I want the whole package, and I get it with Dove Invisible Dry Spray Antiperspirant.

Dove Invisible Dry Spray AntiperspirantPIN IT!

Dove Invisible Dry Spray AntiperspirantPIN IT!

The Dove Survey on White Marks

I’m not the only woman out there who wants to keep the dreaded white marks away from her OOTD. Dove took a survey on women and how they avoid white marks, and what they found isn’t surprising to me in the least. I’ve been exactly where all of the respondents were at some point. 57% of women reported that they tried to wash out white marks on their clothing, while 1 in 3 said they just changed their outfit completely. 65% of women stated that they wished they have more time in the morning, with most saying that their routine is a race to get out the door. 90% of women said that finding a white mark was annoying and inconvenient. Frankly, I’m surprised it wasn’t 100%! Finally, about half the women surveyed (and I’m one of them) said that they’d contorted their body when putting on their clothing in an attempt to avoid white marks.

Dove Invisible Dry Spray AntiperspirantPIN IT!

Keep Your OOTD on Point with Dove

I’m a huge fan of Dove Invisible Dry Spray Antiperspirant. Since I started using it, my OOTD has been free of white marks EVERY day. And on top of that, I stay super fresh and smelling great all day long. It’s a winner all the way around! If you want your OOTD to be on point every day, give Dove Invisible Dry Spray Antiperspirant a try. It’s great stuff!

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  • Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    I LOVE Dove Invisible Dry Spray. I use it all the time. And since I have been, I haven’t seen ONE white mark. Yay!

  • Alyssa N Zapinski

    Every time I see this stuff, I think about picking it up. I’m just not a huge fan of regular deodorant and how it feels. Plus the marks it leaves. OMg. I will definitely have to grab a can of this now.

  • Ruth I.

    I believe in all the products of Dove. This Dove invisible spray is truly effective and true to what it says.

  • Megan | ginger mom & the kindle quest

    Very good post. I might have to try this – don’t normally use Dove.


    I hate the white spots on my outfits. I am going to try Dove to see how good it is. My OOTD needs to be on target so i need all the help I can get.

  • Dogvills

    I love Dove and I love their invisible dry deodorant. I hate the deodorant stains on my clothes.

  • Angela Tolsma

    I haven’t tried this brand, but I usually get the gel version to avoid the dreaded white on my clothes!

  • Joanna @ Everyday Made Fresh

    I love Dove products, but I’ve never used their deodorant. I do love a spray deodorant over stick, so I’m gonna check into this when I run out of my current one.

  • Katie | Life She Lives

    I’ve been dying to try this! I have only tried dry deodorant a couple of times and had bad experiences – white all over my clothes! Have heard good things about Dove though!

  • Tatanisha Worthey

    Invisible is so helpful, especially when you are in a rush. No one needs ugly white streaks!

  • Brittany @ Everyday Thoughts

    I use dove deodorant and I love it but I’ve never tried their dry spray antiperspirant. My husband uses dry spray old spice and he really likes it, so maybe it’s time I give it a try.

  • Kate

    I love any deodorant that doesn’t leave evidence behind! I’ll have to check out the Dove one.

  • Mommy Moment

    I am always tired of deodorant stains on my clothes. I have considered trying DOVE for a while now.

  • Chel

    Oh, the constant flaking, clumping, white-mark-leaving drama of your average deodorant…OK, I have to share a funny story: In college, I helped a friend escape a bad situation. She moved out of her boyfriend’s house in a hurry and shoved her stuff haphazardly into my Jeep. Weeks later, something white was dripping out of my glove compartment…it was her solid deodorant! She obviously forgot it in there.

  • Cindy Ingalls

    Nothing ruins an outfit faster than white marks from deodorant. I’m glad to see Dove has an innovative option to keep you dry and your clothes looking good.

  • Mimi green

    I hate to see deodorant marks on clothes. I’m always real careful but it looks tacky. Dive is out here keeping us cute. Every woman needs this.

  • ricci

    I have some of that Dove spray and I am obsessed with it!! It smells good, keeps me dry and doesn’t get on my clothes!!

  • Luci

    I wish I could wear Dove because they all smell great and they seem to work great but I’m sensitive to aluminum.

  • Ayana Pitterson

    I have never used this particular product from Dove, although I am a fan of their bar soaps. I always have an issue with white stains on my outfits. I am definitely interested in checking this out and seeing if it truly works. Thank you for sharing.

  • Carol Cassara

    This is why I love Dove as a brand! They just come up with the best and most useful products! This one’s definitely a must try!

  • Amber Nelson

    oh awesome! we love Dove at our house! it is such a great brand.

  • uprunforlife

    I love the Dove spray deodorant but it seems more expensive. I tend to save this deodorant for the days when I wear black.

  • liz Cleland

    I have wanted to try this but afraid it will leave white residue. I am also unsure if they would allow on planes? Do you know?

  • Sylvia | Frolic through life

    I have use Dove deodorant forever and I love it. It keeps me fresh and doesn’t leave those pesky white marks all over my outfit. I love your leaf cuff bracelet!

  • Glenna

    Oh I love dove products! They make my skin feel amazing. My little Yiayia always used them and now I understand why :).

  • adriana

    I love Dove spray deodorants! They’re always my favorite, they work wonders and definitely never leave white spots – thank goodness! It’s a summer must have for SURE!

  • Trisha

    I have been wanting to try Dove Invisible Dry Spray for so long, but I haven’t yet! I for sure need to pick it up on my next Target run.

  • Becca Talbot

    I’m a big fan of Dove Invsible deodorant – so many deodrants leave white marks on your clothes (or worse, powder caked under your arm pits), so I’ve used this brand for ages (and always stock up when it’s on offer in Asda) x

  • Nelly

    I have been using DOVE since high school and they never disappointed. The can sell me a rotten egg and I would gladly by.