Spring Flowers – Myriad of Colors

Spring has officially arrived, in fact there’s a few fresh grass and budding spring flowers in the garden. Boyf’s mom even noticed we have a Robin passing by in her garden. She says it is a sign that spring is here. Aside from a great weather to look forward to, I am really excited to see blooming flowers all over. I just can’t help but appreciate a garden or open field filled with beautiful spring flowers. :sun:

:bee: Last year I have taken a few pictures from our building’s side garden. Plucked out a few tiny flowers and made myself a fresh floral headdress. I know it’s not nature friendly for plucking out those flowers so I have decided this year, I am going to make my floral headdress from fake / plastic flowers. That way, I can keep re-using the headdress and be eco-friendly for not killing any more flowers. 😉

Plastic Spring Flowers

Spring FlowersPIN IT!
Spring FlowersPIN IT!

Earlier this afternoon, boyf and I stopped by the dollar store where they sell items $1 and up. I immediately checked out the store for plastic spring flowers and found a few starting at $3 so I grabbed a few and ended up spending around $20. Boyf somehow thinks I am wasting money with all them flowers, but in the long run, I am actually saving as I won’t have to keep making new one’s [unless I want to] as these plastic spring flowers won’t wilt, wither and die. I have explained it to him and pointed out the pros for doing so. Plus, it is my money anyway that I am spending so he says okay as long as I know I am not just making an impulsive purchase. I rarely ever purchase anything that I won’t have any use for. I may not use it right away but I know I will end up using it one way or another. 😆

I have started bundling up the plastic spring flowers and was able to create a simple headdress that is very minimal. I am still planning to add a few bigger flowers to my first version and then create an over-sized headdress from the bigger flowers I have purchased. Boyf thinks the big one’s are too big, but I think it’ just big enough to make it “POP” in my photos. I jokingly teased him with the typical phrase he says “Go Big or Go Home” … will keep y’all posted when I start taking pics with the headdresses. Until next post! xo <3


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