Innovative Tech for Everyone “the Vikaura Screen”

The year had just started and most of us are already scrambling. Keeping up with the usual daily activities is already a challenge … and to top that, we also have our New Year’s resolutions we don’t want to break. Most often than not, we rely on tech-related method to remind ourselves of important events. Yet none of these methods can really keep up with our busy schedule and only to end up neglecting if not setting it aside. Until now.

Vikaura lets you, friends & family drive images and information out of your phone and into your world – No wires, Thousands of updates.

Vikaura Screen is an innovative tech with the creatives and busy bodies in mind – the perfect product to marry your smartphone with! Get your content (even images) displayed where you want it to be. Surround yourself with what really matters. Check out this video to get a better look and feel as to what Vikaura is all about.

Vikaura Screen

The Vikaura Screen is managed through an app that is very easy to use. It links a smartphone to Vikaura using Bluetooth technology. Content can be driven in 3 easy ways:

Direct Link

Vikaura ScreenPIN IT!

App Linking

Vikaura ScreenPIN IT!


Vikaura ScreenPIN IT!

With its easy navigation feature, this product would make a great gift for everyone in the family.

Vikaura ScreenPIN IT!

For moms, grandmas and grandpas – easily change photos or view them as feed to reminisce, highlight and appreciate special moments and events.

For the kids – easily remind keep siblings or loved ones on the loop with important dates and occasion.

For dads – never miss an important meeting and keep your to-do list in check by porting notes directly and easily switch up as needed.

Vikaura is powered by a patented technology that allows it to operate with a single battery or battery charge. Innovating the way we use gadgets by not having to keep recharging. For more details visit


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