Take Home Entertainment to the Next Level with Logitech Harmony Elite + Amazon Alexa and How it Helps Me Do More!

Ever since having Josiah King, I found myself watching more tv shows during our feeding, playtime as well as his nap time. For those of who you who aren’t aware, newborns and toddlers tend to get quite clingy for affection and skin to skin time. Since we’re breastfeeding, it creates a stronger bond between us that makes us even more inseparable. Don’t get me wrong I am happy and proud of this milestone. The ONLY thing I didn’t realize is how HARD it is to do anything else once we’re stuck in one activity. Thanks to Logitech Harmony Elite and with the help of Amazon Echo Spot – I am able to do more!

To my fellow parents caring for the newest addition to your family … I totally get it! You’ve asked how I handle the situation and what do I do to be more productive … this IS my answer and solution. Invest in Logitech Harmony Elite.

Logitech Harmony Elite

Logitech Harmony ElitePIN IT!

While some of you may think twice of buying a remote that cost 250 bucks, once you discover what it can do, you’d surely reconsider!!! Logitech Harmony Elite Universal Remote is a luxury remote that will take home entertainment and be more productive to the next level. What does this luxury remote do? Let’s find out!

It is universal

Logitech Harmony Elite boast that this remote is compatible with more than 270,000 devices including different brands around the world. That is indeed an overly broad range of technology devices. The remote can control consoles, smart lights, locks, thermostats, speaker systems, televisions, kitchen appliances, entertainment components, streaming boxes, home automation devices and many more!
As most of you are aware, I am a big fan of controlling our Philips Hue Lights using Google home. I’m a big fan of keeping up with our son while I’m multitasking using Arlo Pro and Amazon Echo Spot. This remote takes CHARGE of it all!

Logitech Harmony ElitePIN IT!

It can access your whole home

One of the best features of Logitech Harmony Elite is that it can control devices even when you are entirely out of the area. Let’s say, your sound bar is in the living room, and you want it to turn off, but you are on the second floor, inside your room. Possible? Yes, it is! This luxury remote can control devices inside closed areas like cabinets and can pass through walls for better use all throughout your home.

We can be playing in his play area, and all I need is this remote to turn things on/off or order command to perform a specific task.
Control your devices even when you are not home.

There is an app called Harmony mobile app where you are allowed to control your connected devices and appliances even if you are away from home. All you have to do is download the app, connect to the internet, and consider it done. All your devices and appliances in one remote, how cool is that?

Logitech Harmony ElitePIN IT!

Save time by creating shortcuts

With Logitech Harmony Elite, you can create your own shortcuts depending on the activities you usually do. One best example is when watching television, you can create a shortcut where pressing one button will allow you to turn on the TV, dim the lights, open the soundbar, and voila! Instant home theater set up in just one click.

Voice enabled

Logitech Harmony Elite make it a lot easier with voice control feature. The remote works well with Alexa and Google Home. It can be used both inside and outside your home hassle-free. Too lazy to press several buttons? Just tell your remote what to do, and you are good to go.

This is by far my favorite, especially when I am nursing Josiah King. Stuck in one position I can still multitask and get things done with the remote. Plus I can change up the lighting ambiance as well as play my favorite show without disturbing our little one. With Harmony Elite and Amazon Alexa I can control our entire home entertainment experience with just our voice.

Harmony Elite and Alexa let you start your favorite activities no matter what they are. Start an Activity like “Sports Night” to turn on ESPN, dim the lights and even crank up the subwoofer to make it feel like you’re practically at the game. When it’s time to switch gears and turn on “Date Night”, just say the word.

Logitech Harmony ElitePIN IT!

It has a comfortable and classy design

You are paying big bucks for a remote, so it is only expected that it is also comfortable and elegant looking! Honestly, Logitech Harmony Elite did not disappoint on that matter. The remote is very sleek yet handy which makes it look classy and top of the line. Not to mention its glossy black effect adds impact too. It has slightly rubberized back for easy handling and grip.
It has a touchscreen feature.

Unlike any other ordinary remote, Logitech Harmony Elite has a touchscreen. Aside from its physical buttons, this remote can be used using its small screen by tapping and swapping it just like your mobile phone.

Logitech Harmony Elite is indeed a game changer. Are you ready to have one? Get it on your nearest Best Buy, or you can order it online through Best Buy’s website » http://bby.me/jpvj6

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  • Summer Mitch Ryan

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